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plastics Member Directory(Polystyrene)

General Plastics & Moulds

[New Delhi, India]
Manufacturer, Suppliers and Exporter of:- GPM Titan GPM(H) Wood Colour:- Made from Tough Hi-impact polystyrene with a metal hook. Size:- Width 44 cms X Height 24 cms Weight:- 145 gms. GPM Titan (P) Black:- Made from polypropylene with a metal hook. Size:- Width 44 cms X Height 24 cms. Weight:- 130 gms. GPM Titan (H) Black :- Made from hi- impact polystyrene plastic with a metal hook. .....


[Mumbai, India]
Manufacturers & exporters of, 1.Consumer Products : -Dinnerware : .Plates .Soup Bowls .Serving Bowls .Serving Trays .Cups .Readymade Lunch Tray for dosa, mini meals, pao bhaji. -Take Out Food Containers. .Flat-Type Containers/Serving Bowls .Cup-type Containers .Box-type (hinged) & Tray Containers -Industrial Products : 1.Readymade conveyance and packaging for : Poultry.....

Alkon Plastics Private Limited

[Mumbai, India]
Manufacturers & Exporters of OFFICE FILLING SYSTEM : Rounda File Systems, Multy Systems, Modular Systems, Multimedia Organizers, Office Trays & Organizers. MATERIAL HANDLING BINS + STORAGE PRODUCTS : Supra Bins, Rhino Bins, Hippo Bins ( BMS Series), Component Organizers, Use All Boxes, Multi Display Peg Boards, Tool Tray / Dust Pans. Rounda File : A Filing system that grows as your needs Grow .....


[Florida, United States]
Exporters-Importers of follows: - PVC-prime resin for pipe, profiles and cable and shoes and leather. - High Density Polyethylene - for blow moulding, film and pipes(gas and drinking) production. - Low Density Polyethylene - Film grade - Polystyrene (GPPS and HIPS) Polypropylene (PP) : - Homopolymer - Copolymer - Random Copolymer Polyethylene (PE): - High Density ( HDPE ) - Low.....

Chengdu ShangKo Trade Co., Ltd.

[Chengdu, China]
Traders & Exporters of complete plant and machines such as Oxygen Plant, Pure Water Plant, Food & Drinks Equipment, Polystyrene Foam Block Molding Machinery, Plastic Machine, Ozone Plant, Cryogenic Tank & Tanker, Liquid Nitrogen Containers for Frozen Semen, Artificial Insemination (AI) device and Materials etc. - Oxygen Plant - Artificial Insemination (AI) Device - Plastic Machine - Pure .....


[Florida, United States]
Our main products are : Polypropylene (PP), Polyethylene (PE), Polystyrene (PS), Polyvinyl Choloride (PVC), Secondary Plastics (Off Spec). Polypropylene (PP) : Homopolymer, Copolymer, Random Copolymer. Polyethylene (PE) : High Density ( HDPE ), Low Density ( LDPE ), Linear ( LLDPE ). Polystyrene (PS) : GPPS, HIPS. Polyvinyl Choloride (PVC) : Suspension, Emulsion, Paste and Extender. .....

En Chuan Chemical Industries Co., Ltd.

[Taiping, Taiwan]
Manufacturer & exporter, of thermoplastic elastomer (tpe), unsaturated polyester resin (up) and polystyrene (ps). Our product range includes: Tpe, Tpr, Thermoplastic Elastomer, Polyester, Unsaturated Polyester Resin, Up, Frp, Upr, Polystyrene. .....

Supreme Ptrochem Ltd

[Mumbai, India]
We are largest manufacture of polystyrene in india.Now we are also suppier of ectruded polystyrene (xps) in india......


[Mumbai, India]
SUPREME'S INSUBOARD - Insuboard is rigid polystyrene foam board extruded in state -of- the-act manufacturing facility and produced from general purpose polystyrene resin.....


[Pune, India]
Manufacturer,importer, stockist of pp, hdpe, ppgl sheets, pp flute board sheets, pp corrugated sheets, pp, hdpe, nylon, teflon rods bushes, components, Plastic Valves, Plastic Flanges, Pipe Fittings, M.O.C., Sheets /Blocks, Components & Items. Sheets - Polypropylene Homopolymer Sheets [P.P.H]], Polypropylene Copolymer Sheets [P.P.C.P], High Impact Polystyrene Sheets [H.I.P.S], Acrylonitrile Butad.....


[Mumbai, India]
We deal in PVC Rigid Sheet, PVC Flexible Gasket, PVC Rods [Welding and Solid], PVC Rigid Penta , PVC Clear Soft, PVDC Clear, Polypropylene Sheet, Polypropylene Block, PP Rods [Welding and Solid], Polypropylene Cated With Glass Fibre, HDPE Sheet, HDPE Blocks, HDPE Welding Rods, ABS Sheet, Polycarbonate Sheet. We also deal in Adertising and Display Materials like PVC Foam Sheets [Sunboard], PVC Rig.....

J.M.T. Plasp Pvt. Ltd.

[New Delhi, India]
Manufacturer, supplier and exporter of Industrial PVC Strip Doors, Industrial PVC Strip Curtain, Welding Screens, Cold Storage Doors, Industrial Strip Doors, Hip Sheets, Hip Films, Blister Packaging Materials, PVC Shrink Films, PVC Sheet, High Impact Polystyrene Sheet, PVC Plastic Sheet, Rigid PVC Sheet, PVC Blister, High Density Polyester.....


[Florida, United States]
Manufacturers, importers and exporters of major polymers. Our Products :- Polypropylene (PP) :- Homopolymer Copolymer Random Copolymer Polyethylene (PE) :- High Density ( HDPE ) Low Density ( LDPE ) Linear ( LLDPE ) Polystyrene (PS) :- GPPS HIPS Polyvinyl Choloride (PVC) :- Suspension Emulsion Paste and Extender Secondary Plastics (Off Spec) :- Rigrind Repro Virgin S.....

Rubber & Plastic Converters Ltd

[Brierley Hill, United Kingdom]
We Are Manufacturer Trader & Exporters Of Durafoam:- Closed Cell Sponge Rubber & Plastic Foam. Airaflex:- Open Cell Sponge Rubber & Plastic Foam. Duraflex:- Solid Rubber & Plastic Sheeting. Bondaflex:- Recycled Composites of Rubber & Plastic Materials. BUNS, SHEETS, ROLLS, STRIPPING, PRESSURE-SENSITIVE ADHESIVE, SPECIALTY LAMINATES. MADE FROM:- Neoprene, Natural Rubber, SBR, Butyl, Butadiene,.....


[Mumbai, India]
We are represents the exporting community of the Indian Plastics industry. PRODUCTS MANUFACTURED/EXPORTED IN THE INDIAN PLASTIC INDUSTRY RAW MATERIALS PVC, Polypropylene, Polyethylenes, Polystyrene, ABS, Polyester Chips, Urea/Phenol-Formadehyde, Masterbatches, additives etc. PACKAGING PP/HDPE Woven Sacks/Bags/Fabrics, Poly-lined jute goods, box strapping, BOPP Tapes, a range of plastic.....

Tailian Plastic Fty.

[Guangdong, China]
We are manufacturers and exporters of following products:- ABS LDPE Abs Hdpe Hips Latex Ldpe Resin Resin, Polystyrene Resin, Abs Resin, Acrylic Resin, Epoxy Resin, PVC Resin, Pet Resin, Phenolic Resin, Plastic Resin, Polyester Resin, Polymer Resin, Polypropylene Resin, Polyurethane Resin, Pvc Resin, Rubber Resin, Silicon Acrylic Material Rubber......

International Plastics, Inc.

[Greenville, United States]
We are Manufacturers & Exporters of in Polyethylene Film & Bags. Our Products are - Reclosable Bags :- ClearZip Minigrip Antistatic & Shielding Bags Press-On Bags - Plastic Bags, Tubing & Film :- 2 Mil Poly Bags 2 Mil Poly Bag Assortment Pack 4 Mil Assortment 3 Mil Poly Bags 4 Mil Poly Bags 2 and 4 Mil Whiteblock Poly Bags Light-Weight 1.25 Mil Poly Bags Extra Heavy-Weight 6 Mi.....

[Boston, United States]

PINEX-PROMET d.o.o.-Zagreb

[Zagreb, Croatia]
Pinex promet is the importer of plastic resin from Croatia. We are interested in following plastic resin. Our Product Range : 1. Polypropylene original for injection moulding 2. Polystyrene GPPS and HIPS for injection moulding 3. Polyethylene LDPE, film grade 4. Polyethylene HDPE, for blow moulding 5. PP.PS.LDPE regranulated 6. Plastic scarp of PP, PS .....

Plastics Exporters / Importers Directory(Polystyrene)


[Lima, Peru]
Manuafcturers and Exporters of polyvinyl chloride [pvc] plastic products. cip processes polystyrene [ps] and rigid, semi-rigid and flexible pvc. We manufacture vinifan, an innovative pvc cover lamination for books and notebooks. viniball, its line of recreational and sports plastic balls. We also manufacture Plastic file, Sheet Protectors and many other file items......

Sahara polymers pvt ltd

[Delhi, India]
Sahara Polymers Pvt. Ltd. Is a trusted and ISO 9001:2008 Certified name among the nationally recognized Manufacturers and Suppliers of HIPS, PC CD Clear Flakes & PC CD Metalized, ABS (Acrylonitrile butadiene styrene) ABSGranules, black abs granules, HIPS Granules, HIPS FLAKES, PC-CD Regrinding, CD Clear Regrinding , Poly-carbonate Lumps, RESIN, Pellets, Thermoplastics, pc granules, Pc Cd Recycli.....

JMT Plasp (P) Ltd

[New Delhi, India]
PP Corrugated sheets PVC strip Cortain PVC strip Rolls Welding Curtain Freezer Doors Anti Insect curtain PP Flute Board Air Curtain Hi Impact Polystyrene sheets PP Plastic sheets and rolls Dust Curtains Welding strip curtain.....


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