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plastics Member Directory(Mounting Tape)

  • Laminated Label For Asset Management

    Laminated Label For Asset Management

    Strong Adhesive Tape

    Asset management
    P-touch laminated labels are a more cost-effective solution for marking property and assets. They can be created on demand or in short production runs, unlike metal tags that need to be commercially printed and require large volume commitments. With a P-touch electronic labeller, it is easy to produce serialized bar-....

  • Laminated Label for WAREHOUSE Rack Identification

    Laminated Label for WAREHOUSE Rack Identification

    Standard Laminated Tape

    Warehouse / Distribution centres
    P-touch labellers can Produce ANSI x3.182-compliant bar codes - in up to 14 different bar-code symbologies - on durable labels anytime, anywhere, to identify shipments that can be easily scanned on arrival at your customer . Make shelf signage instantly to make inventory-time much simpler and ....

  • Electrical Self-Fusing Silicone Tape

    Electrical Self-Fusing Silicone Tape

    Tape Features: Recommended for electrical insulation, pipe repair, moisture and corrsion resistance. Creates a permanent Air-Tight, Water-Tight Seal in seconds! Never gets gummy or sticky like electrical or suct tape -No messy cleanup! Is etremely versatile! Class"H: material(180 degree to 356degree F continuous poeration) Workable at extremely low tempreatures Excellent confo....



    THREAD SEALANT TAPE Unsintered pure PTFE in tape form is the standard material for sealing threaded joints and connections. Joints can be taken apart long afterward without any trouble. It is virtually a universal sealing material which can be used on pipes of galvanised Iron, Rubber, Copper, Plastic Brass, Aluminium, Stainless Steel, Ceramic, Monel, Carbon etc. The inherent ....

  • Blue Masking Tape for Clean Silicone Seals

    Blue Masking Tape for Clean Silicone Seals

    Specialty tapes for the fabrication of shower enclosures. Excellent for use with clear seals and wipes. Ideal for use when a waterproof bond is required. Blue Joint Framing Tape for ideal silicone joints Crepe paper excellent as a masking tape around silicone joints 3/4", 1" and 1.5" wide * 180'....



    M.AJAY are pioneers in developing state of the art 100% indigenous online tape fibrillating systems. These machines are found most reliable and are performing back to back against all imported fibrillating systems. In today’s competitive market in raffia industry, the only way to survive is cut down the processing costs and to diversify into other end products using your existing machineries. An I....



    Anti-Vibration Mounting / Struts: Anti-Vibration Mounting / Strut are applied to absorb vertical shocks. They also reduce wear & tear & noise.
    The multi-directional movement of the automobile creates compressive & tensile stresses. The dampeners absorb these vertical-oscillating shocks. The mounts are so designed, that the deflections under different loads are specific, the load defectio....

  • reflective tape

    reflective tape

    LIANXING Prism Tape is complying RoHs requirement.With the flexibility,various colors and sizes, you can have lots of choices in making your Safety Vest and other products. ....

  • PTFE


    PTFE Products PTFE (Poly Tetra Fluoro Ethylene) Popularly known as Teflona ;Fluonb;Halonc, etc PTFE Features/ Properties Chemical Resistance PTFE is resistant to virtually all chemicals, even at very high temperature and pressures. It is only affected under certain conditions by elementary fluorine, strong fluorinating agents (such as chlorine trifluoride) and molten alkali metals ....

  • Tape Stretching Line

    Tape Stretching Line

    Tape stretching line is used in the manufacture of tapes for production of sacks and various other products. The output capacity varies with models and is based on the kilograms that the stretching plant can produce in one hour. It ranges from a low of 65 kg/hr up to 350 kg/hr.....

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