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Mekeen Industries


Mekeen Industries

Mekeen Industries

Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

Plastics Products - Manufacturer,
Proprietorship Firm Since 1988

Mekeen Industries has developed its own, a wide range of SWR Sealing Rings and lip seals of various Designs and different sizes, which work on a compression seal basis and is uniform in terms of its design around the central axis of the seal, thus allowing easy insertion of the another pipes and fittings.

These rings are used for SWR pipes and fittings) and for Drainage pipes, which are durable, long life, low water absorption,
For high, low and non pressure applications.

Products :

Manufacture all types of Rubber Moulded parts in all types of Rubbers. Our Products :- -SWR RINGS -DOOR GASKET/ -DOOR WASHER -LEAP SEALS -P-TRAP -ELASTOMERIC RINGS -O'RING AND SEALS -GASKETS -SILENT BLOCKS -BELLOWS / BOOTS -MOUNTINGS -DIAPHRAGM -MISCELLANEOUS -RUBBER GOODS -RUBBER LUBRICANTS N.R ( Natural Rubber ) : 45 to 100 c. This is the rubber widely used which has good physical properties like Tensile, Elongation, Excellent Resilience, Abrasion Resistant, Good Rebound, Tear Resistant, Good adhesion to metal, with Excellent Elastic properties. S.B.R. ( Styrene Butadiene Rubber ) : 45 C to 110 C. This general purpose Polymer has good Resistant to dilute organic and inorganic acids. Resistant to non polar solvent, Alcohol and brake fluids. Advantage of this polymer is dynamic Fatigue Resistant, Abrasion Resistant, High heat built up, Water resistant. IIR( Butyl Rubber ) CIIR ( Chloro Butyl ) BIIR ( Bromo Butyl ) 40 C to 145 C . These polymers consist of isobutylene with small amount of isoprene. Theses polymers provides a low degree permeability to gases and good resistant to Ozone, Whether, acids, Glycol based Fluids. Good resistant to Steam and Heat resistant. N.B.R ( Acrylonitrile Butadiene Rubber ) : 40 C to 125 C. This polymer is well known as Nitrile. They are difference based on ACN content. Nitrile has excellent resistant to most of petroleum products, fuels and oils and broad balance of high and low temperature . It has excellent resistant to compression set , good Resilience, Tear and Abrasion Resistant. As ACN increases , Resistant to Oils, Gasoline, Grease, Mineral oils, Vegetable oils, improved. Also physical properties increases Tensile, Hardness, Gas permeability, Heat resistant, Abrasion resistant improves. HNBR ( Hydrogenated Nitrile Rubber ) : 25 C to 150 C. HNBR polymer containing little or more hydrogenation. Polymer have improved properties depends upon on the degree of hydrogenation. Polymer has outstanding resistant to Oxidation, Heat, Ozone, Weather, Resistant to Sulphur containing oils, Amines, Fuels, Greases, Aliphatic hydrocarbons and industrial chemicals. With good Mechanical properties. NEOPRENE. C.R. ( Chloroprene Rubber ) : 65 C to 250 C. This polymers is well known as NEOPRENE. This multi purpose synthetic rubber has proven performance in thousand of applications because of chlorine content so chief characteristic of the polymer is an Flame proof. Excellent ageing properties in Whether and Ozone. Excellent Flex crack resistant. Excellent water resistant, Good resistant to parafenic and Nepthenic Oils, Alkalis, Acids. EPR. EPDM. ( Ethylene Propylene Diene Rubber ) : 40 C to 140 C. This polymer is terpolymer of ethylene, propylene and some Diene as the termonomer. This polymer retains excellent resistant to Ozone, Whether, Sunlight, Degradation and Heat resistant. Superior resistant to Water, Steam, Dilute alcohols, Alkalis, Ketones and polar organic media. Not recommended to use with petroleum oils or Fuels. ACM ( Polyacrylic Rubber ) : 25 C to 175 C. Acrylic elastomer are copolymer based on two major components of Ethyl acrylate and Butyl acrylate with monomers. The lake of double bonds, ACM have excellent resistant to Oxidation, Ozone, Sunlight, Weather and Heat. Excellent resistant to corrosion, Hydrocarbon oils, Mineral oils. Not recommended to use with Water, Steam, Acids and Alkalis. CSM ( Chlorosulphonated Polyethylene ) : 20 C to 150 C. This polymer is well known as HYPALON. THE PROPERTIES OF Hypalon have highly resistant to attack of Oxygen, Oxidation, Ozone, Weather, Heat and good Flame resistant. Also have good swelling resistant to Hot water, Steam, Acids ( mineral and organic), Alcohol, Alkalis, Gasolene. Q ( Silicon Rubber ) : 75 C to 300 C. This high molecular weight poly organo siloxanes has substitute group of methy and vinyl on the polymer chain. This polymer have high thermal Resistant and very good resistant to attack by Oxygen, Ozone, Sunlight, and wide temperature range. It has poor Tear and Abrasion resistant. This polymer often used for medical products and for Die electric properties. FKM ( Flurocarbon Rubber ) : 20 C to 250 C. This polymer is well known as VITON. VITON are used for a vast range of sealing applications due to its broad spectrum of Chemicals And Oil media and wide range of temperature. VITON exhibits excellent resistant of Mineral oils, Fuels, Steam, Alcohol Aliphatic and Aromatic hydrocarbons, Alkalis. Finds wide applications in automotive parts and parts in a variety of heavy - duty equipment. FVQM ( Flurosilicon Rubber ) : 45 C to 250 C. Combines the good low and high temperature properties of silicon, but much better resistant to a variety of Fluids. U ( URETHANE ) : Urethane rubber has excellent wear resistance and mechanical properties including an extremely high degree of hardness and elasticity. The raw material is translucent and easily colorable even with fine colors without affecting its strength. If therefore finds a variety of uses including being the material in various belts, and packings.

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Silent Blocks
Antivibration dampers are used to absorb load, shock and reduces wear, tear and noise. The dampers take the vertical oscillating shock of the body.....

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Mekeen Industries

A/602, Mahakalidham Society, Vidyalaya Marg, Near Nimesh Ind. Estate,
mumbai - 400 081 (Maharashtra) India

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