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Ampang, , Malaysia

Plastics Products - Manufacturer,
Proprietorship Firm Since 1970

MARDEC is a Malaysian company with 35 years of experience in the rubber industry. When we began our primary concern was to raise the quality of rubber produced by Malaysia's 500, 000 smallholders and to reorganize its marketing efforts. Today, Mardec is a major diversified holding company with investments in rubber processing, trading, manufacturing value-added rubber products and in international rubber marketing. We are global in our outlook and employ the most up-to-date technology to ensure our products meet international standards. Our subsidiaries custom-make rubber and plastic items and components according to specifications from buyers who come from all over the world. At the same time, we provide technical and managerial consultancy services and are involved in several joint ventures with foreign partners. We emphasise total quality management in all our operations beginning with the collection of latex right through all our manufacturing processes. This ensures that our products meet the most stringent standards and especially, our customers' specifications. Quality is maintained throughout the process of packaging and shipment until the final product arrives at customer's doorstep. Our commitment to quality excellence has earned us the MS ISO 9001: 2000 certification in our subsidiaries and factories. What's more, we're eco-friendly and are dedicated to preserving the environment. All our operations comply with statutory environmental requirements and satisfy our own exacting criteria.

Products :

Manufacturers of :- Natural Rubber : Mardec has factories which produce various grades of natural rubber. All of these are marketed both locally and internationally by the company's trading arm, R1 International. The five major grades produced are : LATEX PRODUCTS - Latex concentrate, Pre-Vulcanised (PV) latex; PA80 and other superior processing (SP) rubber.These are raw materials used in the manufacture of medical, industrial, precision engineering and domestic rubber products. Manufacturing : In response to demand, Mardec manufactures value-added rubber and plastic end-products. These are custom-made according to our buyers' specifications and requirements. Our subsidiary and associate companies handle an extremely wide range of orders for both consumer and industrial items. Mardec's rubber components can be found in almost everything we use, from household appliances, clothes and sports items to cars, roads, bridges, medical equipment and high technology machinery. Consumer Products : All our consumer products at present are manufactured by MARDEC Polymers Sdn Bhd (M-Pol). These can be categorised into household and sports/leisure items. Household Items - Rubber Hot and Cold Water Bottles Microwaveable & Refrigeratable Gel Bottles Baby Bottles Anti-slip Bathmats and Showermats Rubber Air-filled Cot Sheets. Sports/Leisure Items - Flotation Swimming Aids Swim Floats Swim Vests Float Suits Baby Swim Diapers Swim Sure Swim Trainer Aquatic Gloves. Swim Wear & Fabric Items - Fabric Swim Wear Fabric SwimcAps Silicone SwimcAps Mesh Bags Fabric Caps Fabric Bottle Covers Plush Bottle Covers. Rubber Fins - Diving Fins Surf Fins, Body Surf Fins Training Fins Other Items Soccer / Volley Balls. Industrial Products : We manufacture hundreds of different components that are used in both the commercial and industrial sectors. The components are categorised as follows : Extruded Rubber Products - Extruded rubber products are manufactured by M-Pol Precision Products Sdn Bhd for industry applications such as in: Building & Construction Industry - Rubber seals for windows and doors Expansion joints for roads, runways and bridges. Food-related Industry - Jar rings (food grade rubber according to BGA standards) Medical Industry Rubber thread (in catheters) General Application - Non-reinforced Tubing (LPG Tubing, Milk Tubing, Air Tubing, Garden Hoses, etc.) Pallet Bands Cut Rings/Gaskets/Washers (extruded & cut) Rubber Bumpers (as cushioning materials) Profiles (different shapes, hardness & colour) End Stoppers (packaging for semiconductor products). Moulded Rubber Products - Moulded rubber products are manufactured by M-Pol Precision Products Sdn Bhd for the following applications : Automotive Industry - Exhaust Hangers Grommets (for wire harness) Bulb Covers Lamp Seals Air Filter Gaskets Oil Gaskets. General Application - Grommets (toilet systems) Splash Guard (water sealant in sinks) Valve Seat Rubber Foot Rubber Bumper Others. Plastic Products - Plastic products are manufactured by M-Pol Industrial Plastics Sdn Bhd for application in the semi-conductor and other industries. They include : Thermoforming plastics Precision plastic components. Natural Rubber Latex Threads - Natural rubber latex threads used as components in consumer items are manufactured by Filati Lastex Sdn Bhd. They include: Standard latex threads Fine count latex threads Diaper grade Food grade Silicon thread. Flexible Rubber Hoses - Alfagomma-Mardec manufactures flexible rubber hoses for the heavy industry application. This includes : Hydraulic hoses Others. If you are interested in any of these products or would like us to manufacture some other rubber or plastic item, or would simply like more information about our services, click on Feedback to fill in the relevant request form.

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Bangunan Mardec Jalan Kerja Ayer Lama, Selangor Darul Ehsan
Ampang - 68000 () Malaysia

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